Service Area for Pickup & Delivery

laundry pick up service area for skip laundry day

We are currently offering pickup & delivery in the following areas:

At Skip Laundry Day, we realize how much people rely upon and appreciate our laundry pickup & delivery service. Our team is traveling throughout Greater San Antonio weekly and can easily add your address to our next pickup day.

Spend 5 minutes updating your laundry preferences for this week’s pickup instead of 5 hours doing laundry. Schedule laundry service with us and skip laundry day!

Home & Commercial Laundry Pickups

It doesn’t matter if you’re a busy professional or a family of four, our wash & fold service is so easy and convenient, you’ll wonder why this wasn’t invented sooner! We give all of our customers the ability to customize their service, so it’s just as if your laundry was done at home. Choose your favorite detergents and tell us whether you want your clothes hung, or folded, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Our laundry service is great for salons & spas, airbnbs, or any business that relies on clean linens for their clientele. Forget dealing with all that dirty laundry. Throw it in a bag and leave it at the door. Our pick up & delivery service is quick, convenient and affordable. Contact Skip Laundry Day directly for special pricing.

Want to know if we can pick up from your location? Enter your zip code or give us a call at (210) 999-9358.

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